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  Cilix glaucata (Chinese Character)    Photo © Patrick Clement

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Comprising the "Hook-tips" Drepaninae. Slender-bodied broad-winged small to medium sized moths often with a falcate (hooked) tip to the forewings. One smaller species resembling a bird dropping. Larva with raised hind parts and anal claspers modified into a tapering point and fleshy tubercles on the anterior segments; and the "Lutestrings" Thyatirinae which are broad bodied medium sized moths resembling noctuids but with raised scales forming thoracic crests and with broader hind wings. Two species brightly coloured and the others with narrow transverse lines (the lutestrings) on a grey to greenish background.

65.001 1645 Scalloped Hook-tip
(Falcaria lacertinaria)
65.002 1646 Oak Hook-tip
(Watsonalla binaria)
65.003 1647 Barred Hook-tip
(Watsonalla cultraria)
65.005 1648 Pebble Hook-tip
(Drepana falcataria)
65.006 1650 Scarce Hook-tip
(Sabra harpagula)
65.007 1651 Chinese Character
(Cilix glaucata)
65.008 1652 Peach Blossom
(Thyatira batis)
65.009 1653 Buff Arches
(Habrosyne pyritoides)
65.010 1654 Figure of Eighty
(Tethea ocularis)
65.011 1655 Poplar Lutestring
(Tethea or)
65.012 1656 Satin Lutestring
(Tetheella fluctuosa)
65.013 1657 Common Lutestring
(Ochropacha duplaris)
65.014 1658 Oak Lutestring
(Cymatophorina diluta)
65.015 1660 Frosted Green
(Polyploca ridens)
65.016 1659 Yellow Horned
(Achlya flavicornis)

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